Nail on Glides

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Outwater’s Nail On Furniture Glides Are One Of The Best Investments That You Can make To Preserve Your Wood And Tile Floors As Well As Your Chairs And Furniture.

Presumably having been inspired into existence by people who could no longer stand watching their onetime beautiful hardwood floors be destroyed by careless friends and family members who neglected to pick themselves out of the chairs in which they were seated prior to pushing them back from the table, Outwater’s Nail On Glides for chairs and furniture are one of the best investments that you can make to preserve your wood and tile floors, not to mention, your chairs and furniture as well. Thus, if your hardwood and tile floors are as important to you as they are to those who invented nail on glides, and you can swing a hammer without throwing out your shoulder, you are more than qualified to purchase and attach Outwater’s Nail On Glides to any chair or piece of furniture you desire, and are ready to start reaping the immediate benefits of this wonderful, inexpensive product that we bet you now wish that you had invented.

Offered in practically every material, color, shape, diameter and thickness under the sun, Outwater is pretty much the world’s reigning leader and foremost authority on nail on glides for chairs and furniture. Simply stated, if you are interested in nail on glides for your chairs and furniture, you have come to the right place.

The most prevalent glides are plastic headed tack glides along with 1 and 3 prong nail on glides. While both formats pretty much do the same thing, protect your floors, and install in exactly the same manner, by being nailed into the leg of your chair or furniture, Outwater’s numerous nail on glides are designed to accommodate the parameters of specific applications by addressing a wide range of criteria. Outwater’s Plastic Headed Nail On Tack Glides comprise H.P.D.E., an acronym for high density polyethylene, a polymer compound that is noted for its high strength and density, making it particularly well suited for use as the chosen substrate for Plastic Headed Nail On Tack Glides.

Additionally, Outwater’s heavy gauge, high quality nickel plated steel 1 and 3 Prong Nail On Glides are precision stamped with shanks or long, sharp prongs that can be easily driven into the legs of chairs or furniture as necessitated. Lastly, your floors never “felt” as good as they would with Outwater’s Felt Bottom Nail On Glides. Deemed the longest lasting Felt Glide on the market today, Outwater’s Felt Bottom Nail On Glides outlasted all other commercially available Felt Bottom Nail On Glides in a recent market comparison by a vast 3 to 1 margin, making them an even greater value.